Thursday 7th April 2011

Megan has been declared fit enough to go for a walk and at last harmony is beginning to be restored. She did limp down the garden yesterday morning, but then was seen to be chasing me round the tree with all four paws on the ground. At that point my Mistress decided that the limp had been a bid for continued sympathy and should therefore be ignored. It is definitely for the best as she was getting very frustrated with being indoors so much and needed to work off her extra energy. It doesn’t help that she is now getting really excited about her trip to Switzerland next week. She keeps jumping up and down and saying she is going to see her mum. Shadow is not so enthusiastic, but then she has health tests and work to do while she is there and a little bit anxious about it. I’ve tried to tell her she’ll be fine, but the truth is I don’t know. I don’t want her all upset when she comes back and then blaming me for saying it would be ok.

I am hoping that my Mistress is in a better mood today. She’s been out of sorts and when she’s like that it really is best to leave her to herself. She doesn’t get annoyed for no reason, but if there is a reason she can then get very annoyed. You wouldn’t believe how many reasons there can be. I suppose to be fair, we aren’t all the easiest to live with and we aren’t all very good at clearing up after ourselves and she does always ask nicely first. It’s just we don’t always respond. That’s when the trouble starts. She doesn’t like getting annoyed and we always have a nice cuddle afterwards.