Saturday 9th April 2011

I have been rethinking this whole soil erosion question and now see it as an opportunity rather than a problem. There we were wading through sand yesterday when it suddenly dawned on me that what we really needed was some deckchairs. I realise this probably endorses my image as a lazy dog, but I was thinking more in terms of me being the deck chair attendant and hiring them out to people that were passing. It would need to be less windy for people to really enjoy the setting and it did rather spoil things when a tractor went past and whipped up the sand. What I really have in mind is digging a bit of a lake so that people can paddle, setting up a little stall selling buckets and spades, rubber rings and little fishing rods. We could then start to market it a bit like one of those city beaches, but in the middle of nowhere so it being combined with the unspoilt tranquillity of being in the middle of a working farm. I’m not sure whether the farmer would think it a good idea, but we could always offer to share the profit with him.

We will be moving my website soon. I will tell you when it happens. I will still be it’s just that it will be on a different server. The fun bit is that we will be hosted by a company called Fat Cow. Isn’t that a great name for a company? I was attracted by their sense of humour, but only after determining that they are one of the top providers. I’m not entirely stupid. We bought a great new web address for my Mistress’s new book too, but there is no point me telling you what it is yet as she hasn’t created a web page and the book is not yet for sale. You will be able to buy it but need to be patient.