Wednesday 6th April 2011

In the wrestling match of life I am about to take today by the scruff of the neck. That way I reckon I stand the best chance of winning! I’m working on the fact that the way you approach the day determines how likely it is to go well. If I just sidle up in a friendly sort of way and then take hold of it, I am more likely to succeed than if I boldly announce my arrival and give it chance to prepare for me. It’s the element of surprise that does it. Once I’ve forced it into submission I need to work out what I want to walk away from it with. It might be more effective as an approach if I knew what I wanted from the day in the first place.

Given that yesterday was the end of the tax year, should I now be getting in touch with the Revenue and Customs people to ask for my very own tax return. I do have some income this year. It isn’t very much but the payment was for my photo so the money should be mine. This year might get more complicated. Yesterday, my Mistress found out how to make my blog available as a regular download to Kindle. They have a service where you can pay a small monthly fee to receive blogs on a daily basis. We’ve signed up to the service. The only problem is that it is based in the US and therefore any income we get would be covered by the US tax authorities. I could find myself as a dog with many tax returns and that is not such a good thought, particularly as they have a different tax year and we don’t know anything about their system.