Sunday 3rd April 2011

A very happy Mother’s day to my mum, Anka in Belgium. Of course, I’ve wished my Mistress a very happy Mother’s day in person, so I don’t need to do that here. I bought her some flowers and Megan got her some shower smelly stuff. We all had a lovely big cuddle in bed. I was quite prepared to stay there all day, but that wasn’t what my Mistress wanted to do so we had to go with her choice. She isn’t that good at doing nothing. I find it comes naturally, but to my Mistress it is a waste of a day.

She had got it into her head that it would be a good day to do some more gardening. I did wonder if she might be planning to do something with willow edging. I don’t think I’ve told you that saga. She ordered 8 lots of edging to go all the way round the summerhouse. She hadn’t used the company she bought it from before. To be honest, she is seriously thinking of not using them again. First of all, nothing came for several weeks. Then 4 lots of edging arrived. She got in touch with them to ask about the rest. The next day, one more lot of edging arrived. She got in touch with them again. Then another three lots of edging arrived. My Mistress at that point did the work around the summerhouse and found she only really needed to have bought 7 lots. Then on Friday, the doorbell rang and four more lots arrived. We are rapidly disappearing under a pile of willow edging. We are now waiting to find out if they would like us to send the others back and whether we should do it all in one go or one at a time!