Monday 4th April 2011

My Mistress seems to be full of the joys of spring and it rubs off on the rest of us. Now that she is wearing contact lenses quite a lot she has bought herself and nice pair of sunglasses to hide behind instead. Sometimes I simply don’t understand human beings. If she had wanted to wear glasses why didn’t she simply stick with the ones she had? I do often wonder whether we all see as well as we are supposed to or whether any of us might need glasses. I don’t think I could cope with the bother of contact lenses, with my paws it would be difficult to put them in and out. Having said that, we don’t really have the right sort of ears to hold glasses on so I suppose our opportunities are limited. Do they do eye tests for dogs? I suppose with most dogs it might have to be ‘what is the smallest line of rabbits you can see?’ rather than the conventional ‘please read the letters’.

You may remember the saga of my Mistress buying a whole load of spring bulbs but not getting round to planting them until very late. She thought it was too late for them to do anything, but I am delighted to report that the first crocus has opened its little yellow face to the sun. It may be later than other people’s crocuses but it is still flowering and it has made my Mistress very happy, which at the end of the day is the important thing as that makes me happy too.

Megan’s torn claw is still giving her trouble. She really does need to be better before she goes to see her mum. Can you imagine what her mum will say if she goes limping in? She will think we don’t look after her little girl properly and we do. We love her very much and take very special care of her as she is the baby of the family.