Saturday 2nd April 2011

Well, there you go. Apparently April Fool’s day goes right back to the change to the Gregorian calendar and the move of New Year from April the 1st to January the 1st. They didn’t have the internet in those days and it was difficult for everyone to find out about the change. In France the people going round wishing people a ‘Happy New Year’ on April the 1st were dubbed April fish, as they were easily caught. I should have been wishing everyone happy New Year yesterday to see what reaction I got. I didn’t get as far as what might be regarded as the best stunts of all time. I expect they are these days posted on Youtube, but my Mistress stopped me from spending all day staring at the computer screen.

Thursday was a very sad day here. When my Mistress went out in the morning the weather was fairly normal. So she put her plants out from the greenhouse to get some air. Unfortunately while she was out a storm passed over with high winds and it appears that almost half of her seedlings have been decapitated. She was understandably very upset and for once we were not the cause of the devastation. The water butt that my Master installed was no longer on its plastic stand but was hanging from the drainpipe at an awkward angle and the daffodils have been completely flattened. It is a very sad sight.

Megan is still hobbling a little because of her claw. She broke it very badly and I don’t think will be in a hurry to do it again. It has been a problem with her not being able to go for a walk. She starts to go slightly insane when she is cooped up. My Mistress has been undecided between not wanting to see her hobbling and feeling it is cruel to not take her for a walk.