Friday 1st April 2011

Oh the joys of April Fool’s Day. I lay in bed this morning wondering about what pranks it might be fun to pull on the girls. With Megan it had to be something to do with food. I suggested to my Mistress that we could put her food in her bowl and then cover it with cling-film, so she could see it but couldn’t actually get to it. My Mistress said that would be mean, particularly as Megan is still feeling sorry for herself because of her poorly torn claw. It was harder with Shadow, there is less in life that she is passionate about. I could only think of getting her lead out to make her think she was going for a walk but then telling her she wasn’t. Again, my Mistress said that was mean. I was just glad that the girls aren’t as mean as me and that no one is likely to pull any stunts that will take me by surprise. I am going to content myself with searching on the internet for the best ever April Fool’s stunts and see what I can find.

My Mistress has had one of those weeks where emails have come in faster than she can answer them. She is envious of the people who have instead received less email than they have sent out and are now therefore slightly more on top of things than they were at the start of the week. I said she should just delete them and then everything would be straight, but apparently she doesn’t work that way. I didn’t like to tell her that was my approach. Obviously I don’t delete the ones from any of you, but there is only so much a dog can keep up with in a day if he is going to fit in enough sleeping time. It’s all right for you humans you get more working hours than we do.