Monday 28th February 2011

Thank goodness I get to go home from kennels today. Please don’t misunderstand, I love the people here dearly. They are very nice to me and I do think if I have to go to kennels then I’m as happy here as I would be anywhere. However if you were locked up with two crazy girls for a few days you’d be glad to go home. If they didn’t argue it wouldn’t be so bad. I suppose it is not so much that, but have you ever had to listen to an argument between a complete bimbo and a teenager? It isn’t exactly coherent. One of them saying her coat is better than the other one and the other one replying ‘Whatever.’ Several times I’ve simply help up a paw and appealed to them to stop. That’s when things get really bad. If I’m not careful they then start competing over washing me. Now don’t get me wrong, what bloke wouldn’t want to be licked all over by two beautiful girls, but when it becomes a competition and they start seeing who can lick the fastest and then keep going over the same bit, it stops being a pleasure. My Mistress says I should stick up for myself and put my paw down with them, but that’s easier said than done. At least I can go home to some peace and quiet.

I’m also excited to hear the news about my family and about the rest of the trip to Belgium. I don’t know whether my Mistress will get chance to go to see our old house but she will certainly have been fairly near as she is visiting our old neighbour who has now moved to a nearby road. I wish I were there too. It made me think about the time I got involved in the hunt for their lost rabbit. I found a hole in their garden that I was sure it had gone down, but the hole was far too small for me to follow and I had to give up in the search.