Tuesday 1st March 2011

My Mum and sister were very well. Mum was asking how I was doing. I was delighted to hear that after their health problems they have both recovered well, although it turns out that my sister has gone a little greyer than I have. My Mistress tried to suggest that it was because I lead such a stress free life but I said “What, with these girls!” and to be fair my Mistress thought I might have a good point. When I do start going greyer I was wondering whether it would be ok to start dying my hair, just to keep my natural youthful colouring. I don’t want to go blonde or look like a poodle, it’s just that I like my brow bits the way they are. My Mistress said we could discuss it at a later date.

It was interesting to hear that my sister has the same rabbit chasing desire that I seem to have developed. We aren’t supposed to be the sort of dog that does that sort of thing, but it just goes to show you what can be in our genes. On the other paw, I was very flattered to hear that apparently I was the calmest puppy that my breeder ever had. I’m just a laid back kind of guy. Which quite honestly, with these two girls to put up with, is a good thing!

This week we are going to start planning my Mistress’s new novel. I am presuming I will be involved. She hasn’t said I won’t be. She is going to have to do quite a lot of research for this one, but I don’t know what form that will have to take. I said that from a research point of view, writing a food book would be more interesting, but that isn’t an option.