Sunday 27th February 2011

It is an exciting week ahead. My Mistress is going to attempt to put together a recording of the song she has written. She wants to enter into a song writing competition. You will be pleased to know that she is not going to be singing it herself, but may be alarmed to hear that at this stage she is the one who will be playing it on the keyboard. To be fair she is improving and even her instructor says she is making progress, but she does have an issue with whoever invented the little quaver type notes. They seem to get her very confused. To be fair it isn’t so bad when they are there. It is the ones that aren’t there that are causing her the problems, the rests. Now rests don’t cause me a problem at all. I can take as many of them as I can get. I do prefer when they occur one after another, but I am prepared to accept the very short ones as well as the very long ones.

I have been thinking again about whether I should put the policies of the Pet Dogs Democratic Party together as a book. I think it is important to get our message out to all dogs, including those who don’t have access to a computer. I know that literacy may be a problem and that it will rather defeat the object if they have to get their owner or, worse, the cat to read it to them, but we do need to get our message out. How can dogs rise up and take control of their own destiny if they haven’t thought of all the issues that they face? I can see myself going down in history as ‘Alfie the revolutionary dog’.