Friday 25th February 2011

I think my Mistress has largely finished updating all the display material for when they have a stand at Discover Dogs at Crufts. I am pleased to say that my photo has made it onto one of the boards, so even though I won’t be there in person I will be there is spirit. I was a little disappointed when I realised I was being used to illustrate that a dog can have a good life even when he has a heart murmur and I am actually described as slightly lazy in the caption, but leaving that aside I do look quite handsome in the picture. The girls will actually be attending and having the opportunity to make lots of new friends. I think they will be in their element. Megan has been looking at her family tree and is quite ready to talk people through it. She has the advantage of living with her family until she was older so she already knows some of the stories from her family history first paw. It was very exciting the other day. My Mistress was inputting some more dogs pedigrees into the database and she found a picture of a dog who looked a bit like me. It turns out he is another brother I didn’t know about. I think he lives in Germany. We have the same father. I asked whether my Mistress could arrange a reunion for us all. Actually it would be more a union rather than a reunion as I haven’t met them. She said it might be quite difficult. I suppose I would be happy to settle for meeting my dad.  It is today that my Mistress will see my Mum and sister, I guess families are very much in my mind at the moment.