Thursday 24th February 2011

I am heartily fed up with gloomy weather. It has been a long winter and having friends on Facebook who live in other parts of the world and post beautiful pictures of where they live is not helpful. It isn’t any better looking at pictures of my ancestral homeland either. In the pictures it always seems to have blue skies, even if there is snow on the ground. Even the Belgian winter was better than this. I think I have the winter blues. It’s partly because the ground is so wet that we can’t spend too much time outdoors. Last year when we moved in we had a beautiful lawn. Now we just have a large patch of muddy ground. My Mistress says that some of the grass will grow back ok, but I’m not really sure that it all will.

Of the roughly 150 spring bulb that my Mistress bought to make our garden a riot of colour, approximately 20 have been planted. I don’t think that will exactly constitute a riot! It will be more a small orderly protest. That is if any of them actually come through as they were planted so late. We have now arrived at the diary note to plant seeds for this spring. I don’t know whether that will actually happen or if we will be too late with those too. We certainly need to plant some to replace the things we lost in the winter. It’s either that or have to buy some new plants and that seems a shame when we have perfectly good seeds of lots of different varieties. I did ask if I could have my own little patch of garden to look after and the girls could help me dig it. They may not get much further than the digging but I can guarantee that they would enjoy that.