Wednesday 23rd February 2011

I’m feeling very sorry for myself. I had a run in with Shadow yesterday. I really am getting fed up with this whole question of who wants to be top dog. I know I am biggest and strongest, but I just want the world to understand that I do now need to be top dog. Ask me nicely and I will always give up my toys, my chews and my bed. I will even walk away from my food bowl if the alternative is an argument. As I have said before, the only thing I won’t share is my Mistress but that wasn’t the issue at paw yesterday.

Yesterday I was simply having a game of find the treat on the toy we have. It was my turn. Shadow had taken her turn. Megan said she’d just like to be given the treat and so it was my turn and I’m rather good at it. I know how to use my paw to slide the covers across and get to the treats. I know how to sniff which covers the treats are under so that I get it right. Shadow was jealous. She was struggling with working out where the treats were and was then not sure how to get the covers off. She couldn’t remember which ones she’d done already if we are being strictly honest. Anyway, she bit me. Play fighting I can live with. Megan and I do that all the time. But I did not deserve to have my nose bitten. I do not appreciate having to have Germolene rubbed into my fur any more than the next dog. I did not want to see my own blood and the only compensation was the sympathy I got from my Mistress. It is a hard life being a pacifist in this house.