Tuesday 22nd February 2011

You would think after having 45 years of Februaries with 28 days that my Mistress would have got the hang of it. She was working out which day of the week the 2nd of March is. She got as far as Sunday must be the 27th and then figured that made Wednesday the 30th. She was just debating whether it was a month with 30 or 31 days when she realised we were all looking at her. “What?” she said. And we all fell about laughing, until my Master kindly reminded her that it was February.

I am delighted to have heard from my old best buddy from when we lived in Belgium. Elvis, is very well and now lives in America so I don’t get to see him. I did wonder about trying the webcam to give him a call, but it really wouldn’t be the same without being able to sniff each other’s bottoms and that’s hard to do via the internet. I wonder if anyone will ever invent a way to do it. He was an unlikely best friend, being so much smaller than me, but I think we were bound by the common bond of having to have our testicles removed on health grounds. It’s the sort of things dogs talk about. In some ways, being able to say it was for medical reasons is a relief. It is so degrading to have to admit that your human had it done to you against your will. Anyway, my Mistress always knew when Elvis was walking past the end of our garden as I used to start crying to be let out. I saved a special cry, just to let her know it was my friend and I wanted to go to see him. I feel quite choked up talking about it as no dog makes me react like that any more. Of course the being choked up may be through thinking about the loss of my doghood.