Monday 21st February 2011

I sat staring out of the window yesterday, defying the weather to snow. It chose not to. It was either that or with me around it didn’t dare. It still didn’t feel very much like spring though, so it wasn’t exactly the weather I had in mind.

I was updating one or two things on my Facebook account yesterday and I am proud to say I now have more friends that my Mistress. What I find strange is all the invites to play things like Farmville. I thought about it for a while and then wondered whether there might be an opportunity for Megan to try some virtual cattle herding as I think she might be rather good at it. I started wondering whether you could develop simulation games for your pet. Given how amazing technology is, has anyone developed simulated fetch to play in the lounge? We could destroy virtual footballs instead of real ones. We could play virtual tug, but that one might get out of paw. I can see things getting broken if we weren’t careful.

Thinking of things getting broken reminds me. When we moved here, a year ago, my Mistress decided it was time to throw out all the broken sets of plates and use the one full set that they bought not so long ago. We had eight big plates, eight small plates and some bowls. We don’t tend to use cups and saucers so we didn’t bother with those and before you ask it’s only the dogs that drink from bowls, the humans use mugs. Anyway, I looked in the cupboard the other day and it seems we have the same problem as before. We now only have five large and five small plates. I think it might be a deliberate ploy by my Mistress to support the plate smashing stall for the village fun day with lots of our plates with large chips taken out of them and then the rest of the set for good measure. I did suggest that the next set might be better if they weren’t quite so large, so they didn’t get knocked quite so easily. I also said I’d seen some in stainless steel which might prove more economic in the long term.