Saturday 12th February 2011

My Mistress has hit upon a brainwave. They don’t happen often so we are all celebrating. To be fair, she is doing it for us so it would be a bit mean if we weren’t at least a little enthusiastic. It all started when she had to start thinking about which dogs would be suitable to mate Megan and Shadow with. She has lots of scrappy bits of paper with information about dogs and it is hard to keep track and keep checking back on each pedigree certificate. What she really needed was some sort of database that cross referenced all the dogs so you could see who was related to whom. “You mean, like you’ve done with your family tree?” I said. It was at that point she realised that her family tree software was exactly what she needed and has started to input all of our information. Then she started realising she could hold all the health test information and lots more. Now I can’t get her off the computer and she is getting very excited about trying to get as many dogs of our type onto the system as she can obtain the information for. So far she is up to 150 dogs, but she still has quite a lot of information to input. Once she has done all that she will start asking for copies of any information that other people can help with. I felt quite proud when she asked if I could get in touch with my facebook friends to find out if they could send us copies of any pedigree certificates, old and new.

I now have my own tree for ten generations for some parts of it. I’m hoping that today we can work out how Shadow, Megan and I are related.