Friday 11th February 2011

I guess this would be a good time to discuss animal health issues. There is a National Health Service, but for reasons of discrimination it only seems to apply to humans. Why is there no provision made for dogs? Every young puppy should receive his vaccinations, regardless of whether he can afford to pay for them.

There should be a consistent standard of treatment available to all dogs without reference to what they can afford. Now, I wouldn’t go as far as saying this should extend to cats, but we are supposed to be man’s best friend and yet we are not treated in the honoured manner that this would bring us to expect. For those of you reading in countries such as America, you probably don’t understand the level of inequality we face in the UK. If I understand it correctly your humans have to take out insurance too, which means that although you are all worse off, at least you are all worse off together. Here, humans don’t have to pay for their treatment. They can see a doctor whenever they need to and don’t have to pay. I’m not asking to see a doctor instead of a vet. I like our vet. I have no complaints, but the difference is that we have to pay for our health care. The girls have insurance so I’m not even in as good a position as they are. I couldn’t get pet insurance when I lived in Belgium and by the time I moved to England I had too many things they would have excluded. It does mean I worry. What would happen if there was something wrong and my Mistress couldn’t afford to pay? I’ll move onto the implications of that another day. I can’t bring myself to talk about it now.