Sunday 13th February 2011

I have been studying our family trees and if you don’t pay too close attention to the fact that some of my grandparents may also be my great grandparents and my great great grand parents, I think I have worked out how I am related to the others. Megan is my second cousin twice removed, the puppies are my second cousins once removed and Shadow is my second cousin. We aren’t related through the same dog, so their relationship to each other is quite different. I suppose as I find more dogs to put in the relationships might change, but I think I’ve got it right.

I was interested to read the diary of my brother in crime, Alfie Entlebucher, that he has worked out that rather than our height it is the length of our bodies which enable us to reach things off work surfaces. I was talking to my Mistress about this in the kitchen when she turned round to find Megan had helped herself to the chew that my Mistress has ‘hidden’ on the side. Megan is much better at it than either Shadow or I. She is really very athletic and nimble. You can imagine her as a star gymnast or even an ice skating figures champion. While shadow puts her front legs into the car and expects her back end to be lifted up, Megan is up on the seat in one spring. Quite often when she is working, my Mistress will turn round to find paws up on her shoulders and a little nose poking over looking at what she is doing. For all her faults, Megan really is quite cute. I don’t think my Mistress sees any of her faults, but then she doesn’t get the battles I get with her.