Thursday 10th February 2011

You will be pleased to know that my eye is healing nicely and there seems to be no permanent harm done. I may have a tiny scar there, but I can add that to the list of war wounds I’ve acquired over the years.

I am really enjoying being on Facebook and now have friends all over the world. I don’t have as many friends as the lovely Bernese I wished happy birthday to yesterday. I couldn’t believe all the countries that her friends lived in. She was getting birthday greetings from Mexico and Brazil as well as a whole range of European countries. Having all these friends does make me wonder whether it’s finally time to pack a rucksack and go on a world tour to visit them. I could take my Mistress if she wanted to come, but I’ve always has a bit of a spirit of adventure. I suppose my friends’ owners might be a bit surprised to open the front door to find a visiting dog on their doorstep. It might be wise to at least email them first to see if they are in. It does make you wonder how long it will be before there is a problem caused of a dog announcing a party on Facebook and all his doggy friends turning up and trashing the house. Can you imagine the look on my Mistress’s face if all my dog friends turned up at once? Of course I’m more likely to do it when she’s out. I don’t know if that makes the idea better or worse. If the party got out of hand, who would the neighbours call? I can’t imagine the police dogs wanting to come in to break it up. They might decide to join in. Ah well, I shall never find out. I find the company of two girls stressful enough without inviting a whole load more of them.