Wednesday 9th February 2011

She has finally gone too far. Megan wants to be top dog. Now, in itself I have no problem with that, however the bond I have with my Mistress is very close and very special and I’m not giving that up for anyone. She can take my toys, she can take my food, she can take my favourite bed, but she can’t take my Mistress. I am the dog that gets to sleep close to her. I am the dog that gets the extra cuddles and watches out of the window for her return when she goes out. I am the one who gets to take care of her when she’s sad or poorly. I will not give that position up for anyone, however much they bully me. Yesterday in a fight over all that is dearest too me, Megan has taken a swipe at my face and taken a chunk of skin and flesh out just below my eye. If she had been half a centimetre higher it would have been serious. I don’t really want to go near her today. I thought we were mates. She says it was an accident and she just got a bit carried away, but I don’t think she is being completely honest.

There is a demonstration of dog carting that my Mistress has been invited to. She is quite interested to find out more. I said that she shouldn’t go getting any ideas and that given my heart I didn’t think I should be taking part. It’s always good to have your excuses ready when you want to be lazy. My Mistress needs to start doing some exercise again. She has been using ‘I have a broken rib’ for the last few weeks, but the truth now is that it seems to have healed, so it’s time to get the exercise DVD back out and work up a sweat. I just watch. I find that strenuous enough.