Tuesday 8th February 2011

I need to come back to the subject of bringing up puppies. I’ve talked about the perspective of the stud dogs, but to be fair there are a lot of dogs out there that have no interest in bringing up their puppies and this is just as bad. For the girls bringing up puppies as a single mother can be hard work. It’s bad enough for a human mother trying to manage and clean up after one or two babies at a time, but when you’ve got six hungry mouths to feed and six waste creation machines to clean up after it is hard work. Then there is the problem that most absentee fathers don’t even send money to support their puppies. Is it any wonder that the mother has to resort to selling her children to pay for the costs? Can you imagine the outcry if hard up humans started selling their children at the age of 8 weeks old? I think there is probably even legislation to stop them doing it. However, in the dog world it is not just considered all right, but actively encouraged.

What is even more shocking is that the money doesn’t even go to the mother herself but to her owners. They have developed a circular argument to support their taking away of our rights. We don’t have bank accounts and therefore the money can’t come to us. It is reimbursement for them paying for our every need. All right then, let us have bank accounts. Let us earn our own money and we can pay our own bills. Stop treating us as being no more intelligent than a cat. We could make our own decisions on what we ate. We could buy our own chews and treats. If you were really lucky and we could find a suitable pub we could take you for a slap-up meal every so often. And of course, getting back to my original point we could pay maintenance payments for our puppies until they reached the age of maturity. I know what you’re thinking. It’s easy for me to say as I can’t have puppies and you are probably right but there really ought to be some sort of Puppy Support Agency to obtain payments from absent fathers. It could make so much difference to the opportunities in a young puppy’s life.