Sunday 6th February 2011

Can you believe that I didn’t get taken to the meeting yesterday? I was all ready with my things by the front door when my Mistress said she’d changed her mind and was going by train. Well I was most put out. “I haven’t got a ticket.” I said. Then she explained that I wasn’t going with her anymore. I was to stay here and be in charge. As though that was any consolation when I was expecting a day out with her. I think she was just worried that I would forget myself and volunteer to take things on. She said I wouldn’t have been allowed inside the pub where they were meeting but I think that’s just an excuse. They could have gone to a different pub. She could have chosen a suitable venue to make it possible to include me.

The main game of the day was to find all the parts of the water butt that the wind had distributed around the garden, before the girls found them and started chewing them. My Mistress had found the clip for the lid. That was in the middle of the grass but then I was despatched to look for the tap. That water butt has been nothing but trouble since we got it. Oh, it’s a good idea but it isn’t as though we have even got it attached to the drainpipe yet. If you remember it is designed for plastic drainpipes and ours are metal. My Mistress then bought a new fixing kit but they haven’t got as far as fixing it. Given the regularity of it being blown down the garden. I’m wondering if it is safer not being fixed to the drainpipe and whether it would just do more damage if it were fixed. It would be a bit of a shame to fine the drainpipe had gone down the garden with it.