Saturday 5th February 2011

I can’t spend all day talking to you today I have a meeting to go to. My Mistress is taking me to a meeting about the future of the car club for my little car. It needs someone to run it. I did volunteer by my Mistress said that the whole point was that she was trying to step down and if I got involved then she would still have quite a lot to do helping me. I can see her point, but I can’t cope with the thought that she might get rid of my car. We go back a long way. I grew up in that car. At times it felt as though I was literally growing up in it as the seat kept feeling smaller every time I got in.

Going back to talking about some of the issues for dogs it feels as though when I start thinking about one set of problems I take the can off a whole set of other problems. From a male dogs perspective it is criminal that we aren’t under normal circumstances allowed any involvement in the raising of our puppies. For the sensitive dog this is a dreadful situation. We aren’t all of the ‘love ‘em and leave ‘em’ school of thinking. Many dogs fall in love with the girl dog and hope for nothing more than to be able to settle down together and bring up the puppies as a couple. How often does that happen? Instead of which they are taken from us and very often we don’t even get to see our offspring. Megan has at least met her father, but for me and Shadow that is just a dream. I am at least in touch with my dad and he’s seen pictures of me, but for Shadow she doesn’t have that reassurance. She doesn’t even have a picture of her father at all.

Anyway, the point I was making was that stud dogs should have rights of access to their puppies. They should be able to have a say in the young dogs education and how they are raised. Young male puppies should have a father to guide them in the ways of becoming a dog. Our dads should have a say in the home we go to live in. Dad’s at the end of the day should have some rights. Of course there is another perspective to this where the stud dog is only to happy to move onto the next girl but I’ll come back to that problem another day.