Monday 7th February 2011

There was a grand walk yesterday and I had to stay at home. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the girls hadn’t been so full of it when they came home. They did at least have the decency to bring home as much mud as possible for me to have a good sniff. I know all the reasons I was left at home. I know how hard it is when I have to sit down for a rest and no one else wants to stop. I know how difficult it is when I get overexcited and try to pull people over. I know I shouldn’t run off without a care in the world and refuse to come back and I know I shouldn’t get into disagreements with other dogs, however there is a difference between knowing all that in theory and putting it into practice. On the other paw, I am the perfect companion and house dog and away from those situations I can’t be faulted. Except on the odd occasion I go on food raiding parties, but then no body is perfect. I will be allowed to be part of the fun when it comes to the Entlebucher Fun Day so I guess I shall meet Aida then. I couldn’t be too annoyed with Shadow, it was her birthday after all.

I was quite worried about Megan yesterday. I think she might have started to develop maternal instincts. Now I realise the first bit of what I am going to tell you doesn’t sound very maternal but it’s the bit after that you need to focus on. She has torn a strip of fleece off her bedding (that’s the bad bit) but then yesterday she was very carefully carrying it round with her in her mouth. She was being so gentle. Shadow tried to take it from her, but for once Megan didn’t want a game of tug. It made me wish she could have puppies sooner than in another year. I guess it will come round soon enough.