Tuesday 18th January 2011

The internet is a great leveller. Taking Twitter as a prime example, ordinary people like me follow major celebrities like Stephen Fry. That’s obviously not the levelling bit, it’s the fact that every so often we have the audacity to actually reply to his tweets as though he is our friend and our equal. Before the internet, we wouldn’t have written to him about everyday life and expected a reply. We wouldn’t have sent funny comments to Daisy Goodwin when her family were suffering from flu. And as for ever thinking if sending a note to Matthew Perry, well we just never would have done. Ok, so my Mistress did write to Martin Shaw, but received no reply and she did meet the great and wonderful John Thaw, but she regarded those as extraordinary occasions rather than everyday events. She did wonder about sending Stephen Fry a link to my diary and asking him to tweet it to the world, but I said I really ought to write something interesting before she did that, just in case he took her up on it.

If any of you do your grocery shopping on the internet with Tesco, you will be well aware that there are a multitude of categories that food stuffs are broken into. What for example is the borderline between ‘fresh food’ and ‘food cupboard’? I can see a time when someone on Mastermind will have ‘Tesco’s internet food categories’ as their chosen specialist subject. Sadly, even with that subject my Mistress will still not be good enough to enter. She’d soon get stuck when they asked her about rice pudding!

Most days my Mistress will do anything for anybody. Yesterday she was tempted to put out a notice saying that she didn’t feel like doing anything for anybody at all, so not to even ask. I guess she’ll be better when the tablets start working!