Wednesday 19th January 2011

Why do they have to stick my kennel cough vaccination up my nose? I know I start to quiver at the sight of the other needle, but sticking it up my nose is barbaric. It always ends up with me backed into a corner and my Mistress hanging on to me so that I can’t move my head. I’d like to try it on them to see how they like it. There has to be a better way. Don’t the research companies think about it from a dog’s point of view?

My visit to the vet didn’t get off to a swimming start when a greyhound took a dislike to me and started growling. In my defence, all I had done at that point was opened the door. I hadn’t even said ‘good morning’. We decided to wait outside until the greyhound had done into the surgery. I was far happier when I got to share the waiting room with a basket of three week old spaniels. How could you not want to keep one? They were so cute with their big floppy ears. Slightly more alarming was the picture of a 12 week old ginger kitten that the vets need to find a home for. The pictures of him were incredibly cute and there’s my Mistress saying “Shall we take him home.” I just looked at her. “You’re kidding me. After the rabbit incident? Besides which you just know my Master will make us bring it back and he is right.” From then on she sulked, but she knew I was right and it really is for the best that she doesn’t take in strays right now.

Well tomorrow is the big night. The night when King Rat makes his stage debut. Apparently he is very scary and there is genuine concern that he is going to make the children cry. I feel rather proud of him and stood practising my growl in the mirror to see if there was any hope of me making children cry.