Monday 17th January 2011

Why does the ‘to do’ list always end the day longer than when it started? Our way of trying to help my Mistress get everything on the list done is to get her up earlier than she was planning. I don’t know why, by we’ve suddenly gone back to wanting to get up at 6am, which is not quite what my Mistress had in mind. In my case yesterday I was hoping for an early breakfast as my tummy was rumbling slightly, but it didn’t work out that way so I may as well have stayed in bed. We are always worse when all three of us sleep in the same room. It isn’t that Shadow exactly is the cause of getting up early. It’s more that we all want to be the first to nudge my Mistress’s hand to wake her and therefore get up earlier and earlier to make sure that one of the others doesn’t get there first. When we are allowed to sleep on the bed it isn’t a problem but there isn’t room for all of us and my Master and he has refused to sleep in the dog basket.

It has been a little while since my Mistress opened up her mini-greenhouse to see what was going on in there. Sadly now that she has, she has found that for the most part it is death and mould that is going on. At least 50% of the plants have not made it through the last few months. In retrospect we think there is a lack of ventilation. There is however a problem. Ventilation would be provided by my Mistress remembering to unzip the greenhouse. Even on the days she does this the problem arises that she is also supposed to remember to rezip it so that the plants don’t get frosty. She wasn’t doing so well on that score and decided that frost was worse than no ventilation. Looking at the sad mass of dead plants, I think she may have been wrong!