Sunday 16th January 2011

At least we have now crawled past the midpoint of January. It really does seem to be a very long month this year. My Master laughed that half our Christmas letter for next year must already be written and he isn’t far wrong. My Mistress has been able to start on some medication for her thyroid gland so she is hoping to start to feel a bit better in the next few days. James will be back to school tomorrow and my Master now seems to be doing fine. Maybe this week can be a more normal week. Although why I’m saying that I don’t know. I have to go to the vet tomorrow to have my annual injections and that is never a good time. Then Shadow is going to the vet on Thursday for her eye tests. There’s only Megan sitting smugly at home saying she hasn’t needed any medical intervention, her time will come.

My Mistress write a letter to a magazine a couple of weeks ago and they have come back asking if not only can they publish the letter but would she write an article on the same subject for which they will happily pay her. It just goes to show that if you can find something worth writing about then it’s worthwhile. My problem is that I never have anything worth writing about! No one has ever offered to pay me. She has found an internet site that sell stories by digital download that are interested in her work too. She seems to think what she writes probably works better for their sort of market than some of the women’s magazines. It doesn’t help when she has no children of her own and no grandchildren to write for a market that is focussed on grandmothers.