Saturday 15th January 2011

All quiet and no excitement. I am in charge, which is a worrying situation in it’s own right, as my Mistress had gone to Birmingham for the day to have her haircut. She has asked me to keep an eye on my Master and ring her if I need to. My Master isn’t that hard to keep an eye on. He doesn’t move about very much. He tends to sit at the chair in the snug and play computer games. I have to prod him to remind him to let us out or feed us, so prodding him a few more times is no big deal. The only problem is that if I prod him when he is in the middle of a battle he gets annoyed with me.

Days like we’ve had this week, make you really appreciate living in a village. Everyone has been so lovely. Its funny just how much people in city miss out on the sense of community you get in a village. When you live in a city you might have friends, but you rarely have the same levels of support from the people immediately around you. On behalf of all of us I would like to thank the lovely people of our village and of course their dogs and other pets, for all their warmth, assistance and concern.

We have been watching the flooding in Australia very closely. Many of my Mistress’s relatives live in Queensland. One of them had water up to his ceiling, which is unimaginable to me. I think everyone is ok though and he is the only one flooded. I don’t suppose he’s reading this but we are thinking of him and all the problems to must be causing. I was watching one of the pet services there rescuing a dog and thought what wonderful work they were doing. I’m glad that there are people helping the animal population as well as the humans.