Friday 14th January 2011

The dogs of the house are leading the way. We have not been to the vet this week, which is more than can be said for the humans. Obviously in their case it has been the doctor rather than the vet, or to be more specific the hospital.

To have one of them needing an emergency appointment in a month would be unfortunate. To have all three of them needing emergency appointments in the space of three days might be considered negligent.

However, that has been what has happened. I’d just like to reassure you at this stage that they do all seem to be all right, but it hasn’t been easy. My Mistress, who has not completely recovered from her broken rib, now has a swelling on the thyroid gland they didn’t take out in her operation last year. She doesn’t know yet what has to happen with that. James needed rehydration after gastroenteritis and my poor Master was carted off with chest pains, but the tests they’ve done didn’t show anything. There was one funny bit where my Mistress was having to alternate between two neighbouring cubicles in the emergency department to see what was happening with both James and my Master.

In the meantime I was left in charge at home and had to stop the girls from worrying too much. My Mistress didn’t abandon us. We know how important we are, but don’t rub it in if you are talking to my Master. She left both of the boys at the hospital and came home to tell us what was going on. We decided to go to kennels to make it easier for her, but she should be picking us later. Megan was worrying most as she wanted to stay and help the ambulance men but wasn’t allowed to. She thought her skills in caring might have come in useful for my Master. It only seems to be when my Mistress is ill that we take the approach of all cuddling up in bed, but even then we haven’t been able to do that with her broken rib.