Thursday 6th January 2011

My Mistress is getting seriously worried about her keyboard playing. One day she is playing keyboard when there is a local earthquake, the next day she is playing ‘Stuck in the middle with you’ and the writer of the music, Gerry Rafferty, died at the relatively young age of 63. She is starting to get a complex. Maybe she should be warning the tutors she is talking to about possible tuition that she is a walking (or in this case sitting) disaster area.

I have now recovered from the chocolate incident and can say that silver foil takes longer to work through the system than its contents. I do feel better to have got rid of everything and I definitely prefer not having wind. It also means I am no longer ‘canis non grata’.

We have been getting some quotes for some work to trees. My Mistress loves trees, however she felt just a little stupid when she asked for some work to ‘beech’ trees and they turned out to be poplars. She had made a presumption based on the height and shape and trees she has been acquainted with in the past. I said to her in the autumn, those leaves are the wrong colour for beech, but she didn’t seem to want to listen to a dog. She is waiting for a second quote. The first bloke she asked was a tree specialist and she was very impressed with him. The one she is waiting for is more a generalist and she will be interested to judge whether he really knows as much about what he is doing. Fortunately the specialist has quoted a reasonable price, so she doesn’t think she will have to resort to using someone who might damage the trees.