Wednesday 5th January 2011

I’m in the dog house again. I missed my Mistress while she was away over Christmas. It’s hard for a dog to be left behind and pine for his human. I was of course delighted to have her back and totally forgave her instantly as any dog would. However, when she went out to take James shopping for some new school shoes I got jealous. I had to watch her go out and leave me behind. I’ll admit I was a bit worried she was leaving me, but it was as much jealousy as anything. Well, James had left his bedroom door open and there was a selection box on his bed. I only meant to have one or two things, but you know how it goes. I ate the selection box, the majority of wrappers included. I then moved on to one or two other things he’d left lying around and then found his chocolate Santa on the settee downstairs. I reckoned with that one he’d probably get told off for leaving it around so I would be fairly safe with that one. Of course I wasn’t thinking about the fact that dogs can’t tolerate chocolate. My Mistress was very worried about me when she got home and although I was in trouble I did get a lot of love and sympathy. She sat and worked out whether I had eaten enough for it to be dangerous for me and fortunately conclude that at worst I was going to have a very poorly stomach but would survive the incident. As it turned out the worst I could have was extremely bad wind. I suppose that serves me right.

I forgot to tell you about our little earth tremor. Now I realise any of you who live in proper earthquake zones will smile wryly at the excitement but we don’t get many things like that. It had it’s middle bit, epicentre my Mistress says it’s called, quite near hear. It was only 3.7 on the Richter scale, but that’s 3.7 more than we normally get. My Mistress was playing the keyboard at the time and I said she had probably caused it by hitting the wrong notes, but it seems it wasn’t actually her fault. No one else felt it happen in our house. They really do miss out on things.