Friday 7th January 2011

The downside of playing with all your computer settings is ending up with everything looking very odd and not being able to get it back to how it was before. For some things everything looks brilliant. It’s easy to read and gentle on the eye, however sadly for other things we need a magnifying glass and that is never good when you are trying to type at the same time. I guess I could get my Mistress to sit and hold the magnifying glass while I do the typing. I don’t suppose she’s got anything better to do.

We are now seriously gearing up for the pantomime. I’m neither in it nor going to be in the audience, but from listening to my Master, I know half of the lines and most of the songs. My job is to entertain all the visitors who are coming to stay with us to see it. It’s a tough job but in exchange for a few extra cuddles I’m prepared to take it on. I wonder if my Master has thought to mention to the work friend who is coming to stay that the household consists of two adults one teenager and three dogs. We could be a bit of shock to the system if you didn’t know we were here and just arrived expecting a quiet evening! Mind you, if you wanted a quiet evening you wouldn’t be coming to see my Master as King Rat!

We’ve been getting a lovely lot of fan mail recently. There are complete strangers who want to meet us. That’s the thing when there aren’t many of you in the country. People want to come to visit. What has been interesting is that quite a large number of them quite by chance live hear to us. Shadow and Megan are getting quite excited that when they have puppies they might actually end up with some of them living nearby. What is alarming is that out of the 17 of us in the country, or more to the point out of the 11 of us that are boys, no less than 3 of us are called Alfie – what are the chances of that?