Tuesday 4th January 2011

A friend gave my Mistress a tip that if you soak an item you have shrunk in a whole bottle of cheap hair conditioner you can often get it back into shape. The bad news is that despite her best endeavours, it hasn’t work, however the jumper does now smell very nice.

Today is effectively the end of Christmas and school restarts tomorrow. This means we are all back to work and the good news is that the plumber will be coming to reattach the sink to the wall. My Mistress says if I’m good she will go back to helping me write my woodland stories and see if we can do anything with them this year. I think the real problem is that we are writing them for the wrong market. I don’t think they are for children at all. They are more for the child in the adult if that makes sense. They are for all those adults who still like Watership Down, or Winnie the Pooh and particularly those who like Wind in the Willows. Stories like those are so often wasted on children, who simply take them at face value.

The Christmas lights have been taken down off the summerhouse. I’m sad that they will not be staying up until Halloween, but there was no way of leaving the wires going through the window into the dry and being able to close the window. My Mistress said she wanted to be able to close it for some reason. Given that her sister knitted her a rather fine pair of fingerless gloves for Christmas I can’t really see what the problem is.

The most alarming occurrence is that we have all been threatened with a New Year bath. Megan is excited as she hasn’t had one before. Shadow is quite keen too, she can’t remember if she has had one. I have had one. I can remember and I am not excited. I will be hiding somewhere they can’t find me.