Monday 3rd January 2011

My Mistress had a bad day yesterday. Nearly thirty years of her adult life without a washing accident and in a moment of stupidity yesterday a disaster occurred. She wasn’t thinking. She sorted the washing out by colour and wasn’t thinking about material. She has a beautiful big baggy Aran pure wool sweater. I should say ‘had’. Oh she still ‘has’ it, but it is no longer beautiful, big or baggy. Having been washed at 60 degrees it is now about the right size to fit eight year old Andy. Or it would be if the zip for the neck had shrunk in the same proportions. My Mistress is mortified it is her favourite sweater. We even had photos with her wearing it when we had our photo shoot. For once my Master was permitted to use as much brute force as he could muster in an attempt to pull it back into shape. It is now being left to dry to see whether there is any way my Mistress can get into it. It is never going to be baggy again, but it might work as a fashionable cropped top.

The other thing they have done is re-varnish the stairs we use all the time to go down to the back door. Due to the fact we use them so much they had suffered a certain amount of wear and tear. In a ‘brainwave’ they thought that the exterior varnish would be tougher and therefore would look good for longer. The theory is probably correct, however it also looks very different to the rest of the varnish and is shiny. We now have the half of the stairs that go down to the back door shiny and the return half that go up to the office as matt. I suppose it could have been worse at least they didn’t pull anything off the wall in the process.