Monday 27th December 2010

We’re already getting into fights because Megan wants Shadow’s chew’s and both of them want my dog treats. I have said if they will stop arguing for five minutes then I will consider sharing them, but you know what it’s like with these kids. It’s going to be a long Christmas holiday if this carries on. Then the boys get involved and have pretty much the same arguments but on a human level and we all end up grumpy. I did try to divert their attention by trying to get them interested in making some new year’s resolutions, but to be honest I got further when I started playing ‘I spy’ with them. I think Megan probably has ambitions for self-improvement, but she’s still only a puppy and games are more her thing. I do need to give some serious thought to my objectives for the year. I’m at the age where I really do want to feel I’m leaving my mark and as I can’t do it through having puppies I need to find a different outlet.

The year ahead could be an interesting one. I am likely to be a surrogate father by the end of it and whether she wants to think about it right now or not, Shadow will have done a lot of growing up. I wonder if that will settle the question of who is top dog in the house or whether they will still be fighting over it. You’d like to think that having puppies would bring with it some maturity, but then if you look at humans that principle doesn’t always work!