Tuesday 28th December 2010

I think I’m suffering from post-Christmas blues. I need something exciting to cheer me up, or maybe just the prospect of some warmer weather and clear blue skies. I know it’s a good excuse to snuggle up under a duvet, but on balance I think I’m more of a summertime dog. The girls don’t seem to notice the weather so much. I’m almost envious of them. Maybe they miss out by not fully appreciating the benefits of finding a sunny spot to lie in and just enjoying the sunshine. They don’t stay still for long enough, but maybe that’s an age thing. I told my Mistress how I was feeling and she started fantasising about a golden beach and resting under a parasol. I was getting quite into the image until she mentioned the sea lapping along the beach. You know how much I don’t like water! Why did she have to go spoiling such a beautiful image?

Shadow is going for her final eye test next week. She’s beginning to worry about it in case she needs glasses. She has been asking whether she could have contact lenses instead as she doesn’t want to spoil her appearance. My Mistress said it isn’t that kind of an eye test and she won’t have to read the letters off a card the other side of the room. Although Shadow was relieved it did make me think that there should be more provision for eye tests for dogs and glasses when we needed them. Why do humans seem to think they are the only ones that can be short or long-sighted? If you think about it, it might help to explain why some dogs are better at playing catch than others, that and paw-eye coordination.