Thursday 23rd December 2010

I think that my Mistress has an inbuilt mechanism to make Christmas as difficult as possible. There was the year she got concussion while Christmas shopping, then the many times she has had one illness or another, but this year her sympathy bid is working quite well as she has cracked a rib. She did it a few days ago and wondered why she was getting worse rather than better so she went to the doctor. The lovely doctor pushed in one place and asked if it hurt. My Mistress said that it didn’t. Then the doctor pushed in a different place and before my Mistress had time to explain that it had hurt quite a lot, she had let out an involuntary scream. I just wonder what the people in the waiting room were thinking when they heard it. The worst of it is that there is no treatment and my Mistress simply has to take lots of painkillers and be careful for the next 6-8 weeks until it is better. She is struggling lying down, which sadly means I am not allowed on the bed with her, which is sad.

My Mistress took a Christmas photo of us all a couple of days ago, in our Santa hats.  It’s funny because people who have seen it so far found it hard to believe that we were all prepared to put our hats on and then sit quietly next to each other on the settee for a photograph. The thing is, we’re used to our Mistress and her crazy ideas. A long time ago I discovered it would all be over and done with much faster if I went along with it rather than tried arguing. I simply explained how things worked to the girls and they did as they were told.