Tuesday 21st December 2010

It was funny when Santa came to the village Green on Sunday. My Mistress took some photos and put them on her Facebook account. Friends in other parts of the country couldn’t believe that we didn’t have any snow. It is odd. It seems to have missed just a little bit of the country this time and that’s our bit. I would just like to reassure you that it is still very cold. I’m still having to pee in sub zero temperatures. It’s barbaric.

My Mistress works for herself and so for the last few years she has had neither a ‘work’ Christmas lunch or party. This year is different. Ok, so it’s hard to party with one person but you can still have lunch. It’s a shame the pub doesn’t cater for dogs as I could have gone with her. Instead so that she’s got someone to talk to she decided that ‘partners’ were invited so she has included my Master. I said that we dogs would probably do something here while she was out, but I don’t think she believed me.

I was looking at the lyrics of the old Slade song ‘So here it is Merry Christmas’. I think for this year there is one line that needs changing. Instead of ‘Are you waiting for the family to arrive’, I think we should be singing ‘Are you waiting for the parcels to arrive.’ We haven’t got that many still outstanding but they aren’t all quite here yet and I know lots of other people whose parcels are either lost or mislaid. One of ours seems to be lost and another they sent pyjama bottoms instead of an ordinary top, but these are mistakes that could happen to anyone! It’s not wonder that when my Mistress is receiving emails now saying ‘there is still time to order before Christmas’ she is taking the cynical view that whilst there is time to order, there may not be time for it to arrive!