Monday 20th December 2010

Oh joy! Here we go again. Shadow has come into season. I know the ropes. ‘Don’t get too interested in her, Alfie. It only ends in tears.’ Usually mine! Shame really, as it could have been a very happy Christmas from my perspective if I could actually do anything useful about it. We aren’t planning to have a litter of puppies this time anyway, so even if I could I would not be allowed to. This time next year could be interesting as that is when we are planning for her to have her first litter. The theory all worked nicely when we expected her season to start in the middle of November. On that pattern the biggest problem was that puppies could have been born on Christmas Day next year. I was already coming up with names like Gabriel, Mary, and Joseph for the puppies. I thought calling a puppy Jesus might give him ideas above his station. Anyway, not the problem is more likely to be getting her to Switzerland at Christmas next year so that she can mate. It’s not an ideal time for travelling or for finding the dog she wants to meet at home. From the dog’s perspective it is a great way to spend Christmas. I guess there are a lot of things that could change between now and then.

My Mistress is worrying that she may have forgotten something important. All the presents are wrapped, unless they haven’t arrived at all and there isn’t a great deal she can do about those. Christmas cards have been written and by the end of today they will all have been delivered. The cake is not only made but iced. The tree is up. The decorations are up. Tesco’s are booked to bring the food. The turkey is on order. We don’t usually have everything quite so under control. It may just be because no one is coming to stay with us this year that there is less to think about. I’m sure there will be something we’ve forgotten.