Sunday 19th December 2010

I don’t know what it is but none of us dogs likes my Mistress playing the keyboard. It isn’t that she’s bad. She is actually doing quite well and is really enjoying learning, but for whatever reason we just do not like it. For me it’s partly that there is nowhere very comfortable in the utility to sit, but having said that when she used to go out to the summerhouse I preferred to stay indoors and coming from a dog that likes to be by her side that is really saying something. She was playing before going to bed the other night. The others came and found me and asked me to be spokesperson. I was delegated to go and ask if she would mind letting us out before she started so that we could all go to bed rather than stay up and listen. Fortunately she understands me quite well and obliged, although I think she may have been a little upset.

The office has three walls which are exposed to the elements. It also has a high ceiling because it goes into the eaves. When the temperature goes below zero outside it turns out that this is a small design flaw as the office is cold. Now I know I have a fur coat on, but my Mistress doesn’t. She is also the first one up in the house and thanks to us is often up before the heating has actually come on. She is starting to protest. I did try suggesting she could se the heating to come on earlier in the morning, but she’s trying to adjust the valves on the radiators first. The only problem is that she doesn’t know which way to turn them to increase the flow. I said I presumed it would be anticlockwise, so she has tried that.