Friday 17th December 2010

Do you think that sometimes there is something in the air? My Mistress emailed quite a lot of people a while ago to ask them about helping with a doggy event we’re going to. At the time she had a couple of replies but didn’t hear from most of the others. Then while she was having tea on Wednesday, three of them all independently replied within the same half hour. It was almost spooky the way it happened. I tried to tell her it was dog telepathy and we had sent vibes out to their dogs to nudge them into replying. She didn’t seem convinced by that, particularly as I haven’t even met one of the dogs yet and she is still only a few weeks old. I tried saying it was a gift we were born with, but she still looked at me as though I was making it up.

On a work front, my Mistress has asked me to sit down and consider a marketing plan for my diary. How should we go about advertising and promoting it if we go down the route of publishing it ourselves? I will need to give it some thought but I did wonder whether she might like to take a stall at a dog show. That way she could take me too and have some of my t-shirts and sweatshirts for sale at the same time. She didn’t think that was quite as stupid a suggestion as she was expecting me to come up with. Obviously I need to be involved in any book signing, although I think that most book shops would have a policy ruling out the admission of a dog with ink all over his paw. It’s hard to only leave pawprints where you intend them to go.