Thursday 16th December 2010

I shouldn’t imagine the bookmakers are dreaming of a white Christmas. I imagine they are rather hoping the whole problem is going to disappear. Having said that I also imagine there could be a lot of disappointed punters seeing as the criteria for paying out is that it actually snows in London on Christmas Day itself. Being white is not sufficient cause to receive any money. Nor it the fact that it has snowed somewhere else in the country, unless that was the specific bet you places. It just goes to show that the odds are not in favour of the punter, but then bookies wouldn’t make a good living if they were.

I’m very excited as Santa seems to be spending a lot of time in our area. I think it may be a good sign. He called round on his sleigh the other night, collecting money for charity, which I thought was very good of him, given how busy he is. He is also due to be calling in at the village Green on Sunday to hand out some presents after the carol singing. I hope he isn’t just trying to get our village out of the way before Christmas Day actually arrives. I do hope we will still be getting our main presents.

A friend told me a joke that has been making me laugh since I received it. “I bought a dog off a blacksmith the other day. When we got home he made a bolt for the door.” Maybe it’s a dog thing, but it amused me.

I think we are going to start wrapping the presents today. My Mistress says she needs to get it done to see how much more wrapping paper we need to get. I suggested she could always use an old newspaper but apparently people can get a bit funny about that. Why? It has the same effect. All the paper does is holds you in suspense until you can get inside and newspaper would do that just as well as any other, with the added advantage that if you removed it carefully you could read it afterwards.