Wednesday 15th December 2010

Only ten more days to Christmas. I’m beginning to get excited. I can tell by sniffing at the bottom of the spare room door that our presents are inside there, but I haven’t conned anyone into leaving the door open so I can have a proper look. There is definitely food involved and maybe even the odd chew. I’m hoping there might be a toy or two but I can’t be certain about that.

My Mistress had a serious talk with Shadow yesterday. She is worried that Shadow’s season hasn’t started yet. I chipped in and said I thought it was probably because of the stress of having Megan around as well, but apparently that wasn’t a helpful comment. I think my Mistress is now worried she could be having to take Shadow to Switzerland for mating between Christmas and New Year next year and whilst a good time to take a holiday it isn’t always the best time to find the stud dog at home or to do a very long snowy drive. Shadow just shrugged. She’s got no more idea than the rest of us what is going on with her body.

Well the plan was that the builders would finish yesterday. My Mistress has had enough of all her working days being disrupted, but sadly this is not the end. The main chap was ill and that left my Mistress acting as foreman and not all the work being completed. She could have gone a step further and done some of the work herself but that would somehow defeat the object of paying the builders. Then there are the problems that everyone is scratching their heads and saying they don’t know what to do with. It is always reassuring to have problems that no one shows any great enthusiasm over fixing.