Tuesday 14th December 2010

Well what do you know – the weather forecast is for more snow this week and at the weekend. I don’t want any more snow. I like my home comforts. It was nice playing for a while, but that was enough for me. My Mistress went round checking the garden and we’ve already lost a number of plants. She is heartbroken as some of them are the ones she had lovingly grown from seed. She has got more in her mini greenhouse that can replace them, but that isn’t the point.

I’m pleased to say that we are almost at the end of writing Christmas cards. It has been a mammoth exercise involving a lot of writing, paper folding, addressing and stamp sticking. My Mistress was laughing because when she doesn’t concentrate she starts to write completely the wrong names on the card and that is just for who it is sent from. How she can forget who she is is quite beyond me but apparently it is possible and she can do it. Then there are the times she starts writing different names on the envelope to the ones she has written inside. That’s always funny. One of the Christmas cards she received has addressed her as ‘Rosie’ she says that person won’t be receiving a card next year as she absolutely hates being called that. My Master thought her reaction was a bit extreme, but then as it was one of his friends who had addressed her as that he was probably feeling a little more charitable.

I think our Christmas presents were bought yesterday. I’m not being allowed in the spare room and that is usually a good sign. We’ve got the builders here today so I am hoping they might leave the door open so that I can go and have a look. I promise not to eat anything I might find, but I can at least sniff it. Of course it’s much harder to vouch for the girls.