Monday 6th December 2010

The Christmas decorations are going up slowly. It’s the first time we have had all our Christmas decorations together in one place and there are a lot of them. I can’t imagine for a minute they will all get put up, as much as anything as I really don’t fancy the job of taking them down again. My Mistress has said if we can work out how to put the lights up round the summerhouse then they can always stay up and we could have them lit in the summer. It would be a good idea to choose a set that work properly for there then, rather than one of the many sets that has seen better days. We keep getting delays in putting them up as my Mistress has to find adapter plugs or get the tools out and change the plug to an English fitting. I have visions of getting all the plugs changed over to English in time for some smart person to tell us we have to move to another country again. That would not be funny!

I do regret to say that the Christmas music has also been dug out from where it was hiding and we are now being treated to repeat rendition of ‘So here it is merry Christmas.’ I have asked that there is a ban placed on the playing of ‘I’m dreaming of a white Christmas’ as frankly this year I have already seen quite enough white to last me a lifetime. I find it hard to think that in my ancestral home they get snow for so much of the year than we do. I think I should write to all the Entlebuchers there and tell them how much better it is to live somewhere with less snow. They could all move to England to join us. Although I don’t think my Mistress would want too many more of us living here.