Sunday 5th December 2010

We have received some very exciting news. When you breed dogs you have what’s called a Kennel Name. It is the name that all the puppies are given officially like a human surname. Mine is ‘Van de Tiendenschuur’, Shadow is ‘Princess of Beauty’ and Megan is ‘Vom Kornried’. Anyway, my Mistress has been sorting out the name we will give the litter of puppies that we have. When I say ‘we’ obviously I mean the girls, I’m just dreaming here! She really wanted to use the name of the road where we lived in Belgium, but she was worried when she found that it already seemed to have been used in Germany for a different breed of dog. Anyway, we applied to the Kennel Club and they say yes we can be the Torfheide Kennel. It means ‘turf and heather’ in Flemish and my Mistress has always found that a very beautiful thought. So now all we need are some puppies to carry the Torfhiede name.

We are having a quiet weekend. My Mistress is still having to stay in the warm, which rather limits the options, seeing as there isn’t any warm outside. She wants to decorate the outside of the summerhouse to look like Santa’s grotto but doesn’t want to be outside long enough to do it. I said ‘What if you find Santa moving in?’ She seemed to think that was fairly unlikely but you do have to wonder. Exactly how many of the reindeer does she think we can accommodate in the back garden? I just see it as more competition for the bird seed as you can’t actually see any grass for them to graze on.

Most of the weekend has been spent having a nice quiet time reading or in my Mistress’s case playing the keyboard and incessantly repeating the same line of the song she is trying to finish writing. I keep saying ‘ok I’ve got that bit. Can we move on?’ but she isn’t satisfied with the length of some of the notes or the rests in between so keeps playing it again.