Saturday 4th December 2010

First find your car so that you can dig it out. Then find a shovel. Or in my case watch from the window while everyone else does the hard work. To be fair, not quite everyone else as my Mistress is still not spending much time outside, but she doesn’t think it would be reasonable to sit at the window watching the others working. At the moment Tesco’s are not scheduled to do any more deliveries round here until next Wednesday. We have a problem. Either my Mistress will need to go out before then, or we are going to run out of Frosties. Running out of Frosties would be an unparalleled crisis, the like of which has not been seen in these parts for a very long time. To be honest she seems a lot better now, so I’m expecting she will decide to make the trip to the nearest supplier of Frosties at the start of the week. Mornings just wouldn’t be the same without them.

I can tell that my Mistress is feeling much better as she has at last had the energy to write her epic Christmas letter. I don’t want to give away too many secrets but this year’s seems to run to six sides of A4, which may of course need to be edited to ensure that postal charges are not exorbitant. It all gets a bit technical. It isn’t down to the weight. It’s about how thick it is once you’ve folded it to fit into the envelope that comes with the card. There is a fine economic balancing act takes place when my Mistress buys our Christmas cards. Obviously she has to like the picture, but then after that it is about the size of the card being big enough to work with the letter. It can be worth spending more on the cards so the postage is cheaper, but short of doing a dummy run with one of those special slot things they have on the Post Office to measure the thickness of your letter, it is always pretty much guess work.