Friday 3rd December 2010

My Mistress says she doesn’t think she’s ever seen so much snow in England. Of course that may because she spent most of her life living much further south, however when she measured yesterday morning we’d got 14cms and it was still snowing. That may not sound like very much to a human, but have you stopped to think how far up the body of a dog that brings it. I’m bigger than the girls so it isn’t quite such an issue and I lift my leg to pee so everything is a bit higher up, but the girls squat down and they are getting very cold little bottoms. If it gets much worse my Mistress is going to have to help us get the shovels out to clear some of the garden so that we don’t get lost in it. I have also said to her that it would be worth doing a very large shop from the supermarket in plenty of time before we run out in case they have difficulty getting through with deliveries. She has agreed that would be sensible, although to be fair the forecast does start to look much better after Saturday.

It was funny the other day. There was a piece on the news about the schools that were closed and they featured one that had stayed open, being the one that James went to. The bit that was funny was that by the time we saw the clip the school had given up staying open and had sent all the children home. Apparently that is quite unusual as the school acts as an emergency centre for the area, so let’s just hope that we don’t have any emergencies just now! What it does mean is that all the children in the village are sledging down our next door neighbour’s garden which is on a hill. It is very frustrating because when we go outside we can hear them but can’t take part.