Saturday 20th November 2010

My Principle task today is to help write our annual Christmas letter. It’s always difficult to remember what has actually happened in the year. Then of course you have to work out what people will be interested to read and then work from there. I think my Mistress might have made a few notes earlier in the year, so it won’t have to be completely from memory. It’s funny how long a year is when you come to think of it. It seems like Megan has been here forever, but of course she hasn’t. I haven’t really had all that long of having another dog climbing into bed with me and wanting to snuggle up. Sometimes she just climbs on top of me and expects me to move over, which to be honest is a bit much when it’s my bed. I don’t really mind. She’s lovely. I suppose when I come to think of the year I forget that at the start we were living in another house. It seems like this has been home for a long time, but in some ways I think that’s because it reminds me of our old house in Belgium. What I have been told is that we will be starting to put our Christmas decorations up early this year. Not because my Mistress particularly wants to get into the festive season early, or because she isn’t expecting to have much time actually leading up to Christmas, but because she has now accumulated so many bags of Christmas lights and bits and pieces that it will take us that long to put them up. I wanted to know what was happening about taking them down again, but she didn’t want to think about that bit. The other thing that will be really interesting, now we have a little monitor, is to see just how much electricity the Christmas lights use and then see whether she wants them all turned on!